About Us

Create Your Fitness

What we are:

Create Your Fitness is a hub for those in search of fitness that caters to their individual needs and preferences. A community of people looking to enrich their lives through health and fitness but in ways that cooperate with their current lifestyle.

What we do:

We provide you with everything you need to create your own fitness lifestyle. Gym equipment, meal preparation kit, exercise apparel, workouts, guides, nutritional advice, and much more. 

How we do it:

Through experimentation and vigorous research, we learn the best tools to use, how to use them and we give out that information to you.

Why we do it:

Our founder Josh Stevenson knows exactly the feeling when you want to become fit but you feel restricted by the lack of knowledge and resources. Over time he realized that he was not alone in this struggle and has since set out to help as many people create their fitness, whatever that may be. 

You're unique and your fitness is too.